Vinylux Nail Pack 2 with Hand Cream

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Do at home Shellac alternative Vinylux Nail Kits. Watch our Vinylux application tutorial here.

Our CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is a normal polish system that requires no base coat which means a faster and easier application time as well as providing a non chip long lasting polished manicure. Achieve flawless nails with speedy 8 ½ minute drying time, offering clients the freedom to immediately embrace their day with perfect manicures and pedicures.

The polish features Jojoba oil, Keratin & Vitamin E all of which help strengthener and care for the nail. This polish is so natural on your nails and removal procedure is so easy as it’s carried out with just nail polish remover therefore will not damage your nails at all.
Simply choose your Vinylux shade, use all your nail essentials and follow our step by step routine and you will achieve a Vinylux Mini Manicure.

Vinylux Nail pack 2 including hand cream contains:
  • Nail File
  • White Block Buffer
  • Wooden Cuticle Pusher Stick
  • Choice of 1 Vinylux Colour
  • Choice of Vinylux Gel-like Effect Top Coat or Original Top Coat
  • CND Mini Solar Oil
  • Luxury Hand & Foot Cream
Choose your favourite colour from our CND link, or if you know your favourite shellac colour, leave your shade choice in the box above -

Please note Vinylux colours are the exact same shade as Shellac colours, but can be a bit less pigmented, due to being normal polish.