St Tropez Tanning

Come and have your skin summer ready in our brand new luxury Prolight St Tropez spray tanning booth.

An aloe-vera based Vegan friendly spray tan, perfect for a natural summer glow all year round. St Tropez works with the melanin in your skin therefore providing a nice even natural glow. No orange tones at all with St Tropez, our tan is fast drying also after being sprayed due its amazing new ingredients! Can last up to 5 days with following our specific home care maintenance.

Official St Tropez tanning products used. For best results exfoliate your skin before your visit, don’t apply anything onto skin and bring along loose clothing and flip flops if possible. 

We have 3 ranges to choose from.

All disposables are provided.

Classic mist

A classic natural glow - ideal for brides, clients who have never tried tan and want a natural glow. Leave on over night.

Allow 30 mins


Half body spray tan

Allow 15mins


Express mist

A slightly deeper glow than classic. Express mist allows you to shower within 1-3 hours depending on the colour you want to achieve, tan also develops slightly more after showering - ideal if you don't like sleeping with tan on or have a last minute event. 

Allow 30mins


Extra Dark mist
A deeper more radiant glow, suited for more sallow skins. Initially develops dark after 4 hours and then extra dark after 8 hours - ideal for clienrs who like their tan to be darker.

Allow 30mins