Massage & Ear Candling

Swedish massage is designed to alleviate muscle tension, can improve circulation and reduce stress and anxiety. 

Our Pallas massage treatments are the ideal relaxation getaway from day-to-day worries and promote a feeling of well being instantly!

Relax, Refresh and Revive in our peaceful ambience here at Pallas Beauty and unwind with our lovely aromatic essential oil massage treatments. Each massage is guided with the right pressure from our therapists to ensure client comfort at all times. Massage can be tailored to your needs too.

Aftercare/Homecare are given within salon after each treatment.

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Full Body Massage 

Essential oil Full Body Massage treatment starting on the back, neck and arms, including legs and then finishing with a choice of an abdomen massage or face, neck and scalp massage to finish.

Ideal to help any muscle aches and ease tension. Amazing for a full body relaxing pamper!



Full Body Massage 

Full body including an extra longer hand and arm massage.

£59 1hr 30mins

Back, neck, shoulders and arm massage

Essential oil massage, amazing for helping ease and reduce and ease any muscle tension in neck and upper and lower back. 

£30 30mins
Back, neck, shoulder and arm massage  £39 40mins

Back, neck, shoulder and arm massage including our Pallas signature facial & scalp massage

The perfect massage from upper front to back! Enjoy a 30 minute back, neck shoulder and arm massage afterwards you are turned over to your back to finish, enjoy a full facial, neck and scalp massage along with some neck stretches.

The ideal treatment to help head or neck aches and help reduce upper back and neck tension!

£41 40mins

Mini hot stone back, neck, shoulder and arm massage 

Incorporating hot stones into our Swedish back massage. Treatment starts with a 30 minute back massage, helping to warm the muscle tissue up on the back and ease and work in on any muscle tension, we then finish with our effleurage with heated stones, working on certain areas of tension on the back and neck.

Amazing for relieving muscle tension due to the heat and massage pressure. The ideal relaxing pick cosy me up!

£41 40mins

Luxury Back Treatment

Treatment starts with a welcoming back buffing exfoliation, then enjoy a relaxing 30 minute essential oil back, neck, shoulder and arm massage.

Ideal for removing any dead, dry skin on the back area and helps gives skin a hydration boost. A great treat to have as we can never quite reach our back!

£35  40 mins

The Deluxe Duo

A favourite here at Pallas Beauty. A saving of £10! A must have for clients looking for a super relaxing duo.

Includes an essential oil back neck, shoulder and arm massage as well as a refresh facial. Helping relax and relieve any tension in back and just because you are not quite ready to finish your relaxing experience, we then turn you over onto your back and you enjoy our Refresh Facial which can include a Scalp Massage.

The ideal upper body 2 in 1 treatment!

Option to add Mini Hot Stones to back massage for an extra £5


save £10

1 hr

Indian head massage

Swedish massage techniques for treating scalp, face, neck, upper back, shoulders and arms. Works on the areas of the body that are most affected by stress. Treatment is purely for the upper part of the body whilst relaxing seated in chair. Choice to have treatment carried out lying down.

£30 30mins

Relaxing Reflexology foot treatment

Reflexology is a gentle manipulation of pressing on parts of the foot to produce a relaxing effect elsewhere in the body that can help treat any body problems, as the treatment helps to align and balance out the body and helps eliminates stress. 

Begins with a welcoming foot exfoliation using a hot essential oil mitt before enjoying our 30 minute Reflexology treatment, finishing with a mini foot and lower leg massage. 

£35 40mins

The Pallas Signature Massage

This massage is the ultimate head-to-toe full body pamper session! Treatment starts with a welcoming essential oil hot foot compress followed by a luxury essential oil full body, facial and scalp massage. We start on the back, neck and arms, backs of legs, front of legs and feet, choice of abdomen, full arms and hands, finishing up our full body massage on the face, décolleté and scalp along with some neck stretches.

Relax after we have finished our facial massage with Kaeso anti ageing eye serum drainage massage followed with Coenzyme Q10 Collagen eye pads placed under eyes and cold cotton pads placed on top, whilst this you are left to drift off and relax. This ultimate relaxing experience is then finished off with a foot scrub, removed with a hot essential oil mitt followed with some foot stretches whilst eye treatment is being left to work.

This treatment includes a choice of a full abdomen massage! Ideal for any weight problems and stomach concerns.

£70 1hr 45mins

Relaxing paraffin wax hand treatment 

Come and relax at our nail bar and leave with your hands feeling amazingly revived and soft!

Treatment starts with a luxury hand and arm exfoliation removed with a warm hot mitt. A hand and arm massage is carried out followed with hot paraffin wax applied to hands, the wax contains nourishing essential oils which helps circulation, amazing for dry cracked hands, arthritic joints and helps to aid aches and pains and helps to relax muscles, whilst this client is left to relax for 10 minutes whilst heated mittens are placed on to help lock in extra moisture.

£21 20-30 mins

Ear candling

A pain free relaxing treatment which helps remove any excess wax or pressure by  helping to increase blood flow which helps remove any waste and toxins and can help relieve blockages within the ears that can cause problems such as migraines, neuralgia, sinus problems, flu and colds, blocked ears, tinnitus and hearing problems. 

The candles are named after the native American tribe of Arizona, the 'people of peace', who are renown for their extensive knowledge of healing.

These are made organically grown linen rolled into a hollow cylinder tube coated with 100% pure beeswax, honey extracts, beta carotene (to control rate of burning) and essential oils.

The burning action of the candles acts as a chimney, infusing the herbs and essential oils into a vapour which is drawn into the auditory canal. This performs a massaging function, gently stimulating secretion flow as well as softening any impurities. This process also equalises the pressure in the head and ears, making them a particularly suitable treatment for flying or swimming.

This treatment is surprisingly relaxing and is a MUST to try!

If clients suffer from any problems such as blocked ears, we recommend a few sessions close together to sort issue, you might get relief after one session it just depends. 

Why not combine with our Lash Lift service for a discount? See Eyes section on treatment list.

£28 30mins

Ear candling with Pallas Signature sinus draining facial massage

Ear candling treatment finished off with a lymphatic drainage facial and scalp massage to help stimulate the blockage removal process.

Just a simply relaxing well needed finish! 

£33 40mins


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