We use here at Pallas Beauty, luxury creme strip wax as well as Lycon hot wax which both suit the most sensitive of skins.
Our skilled therapists use the highest quality of Australian brand Lycon who use the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils to deliver superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm! Lycon hot wax is a less painful option for waxing on intimate areas and our therapists will ensure client modesty and comfort and discuss positioning correctly. Your comfort is our priority.  
Please ensure your hair is at least quarter of an inch in length - leave for about 3/4 weeks prior to the appointment.



Lip or chin 

Allow 15mins

£14          Lycon £16

Lip & chin

Allow 15mins


 Lycon £27

    Save £5   

Nostril wax (Lycon only)

Allow 15mins

        Lycon £18               

Face - cheeks, lip & chin (other areas)

Allow 15mins

£27         Lycon £29

Half leg, feet & toes

Allow 15mins


3/4 leg, feet & toes

Allow 30mins


Full leg, feet & toes

Allow 30mins


Half arm including hands & fingers

Allow 15mins


Full arm including hands & fingers

Allow 30mins



Allow 15mins

£17 Lycon £19

Basic bikini
(Hair removed from outside pant line to crease)

Allow 15mins

£20 Lycon £22

Extended bikini
(A tidy up from outside pant line and slightly higher past crease)

Allow 15mins

£23 Lycon £25
Intimate Waxing

(Leaving a landing strip in the middle all the way round) 

Allow 30mins


Lycon £31

(Almost bare, a thorough wax from back to front up the middle leaving a landing strip at top)

Allow 30mins

£34 Lycon £36

(Completely bare from front to back) 

Allow 30mins 


Lycon £41

Thong wax
(Behind bikini wax, cheeks & lower back)

Allow 15mins


*See therapist for all bikini wax description 

Waxing Packages - all savings up to £5!

Half leg & Bikini £43
Half leg & Extended Bikini £46 
Half leg & Brazilian  £52 
Half leg & Bollywood £57
Half leg & Hollywood £62
Half leg & Lycon Bikini £45
Half leg & Extended Lycon Bikini £48
Half leg & Lycon Brazilian £54 
Half leg & Lycon Bollywood £59 

Half leg & Lycon Hollywood

Allow 30mins ^

Full leg & Bikini £53
Full leg & Extended Bikini £56
Full leg & Brazilian £62
Full leg & Bollywood £67
Full leg & Hollywood £72
Full leg & Lycon Bikini £55
Full leg & Lycon Extended Bikini £58
Full leg & Lycon Brazilian £64
Full leg & Lycon Bollywood £69

Full leg & Lycon Hollywood

Allow 45mins ^


Under Arm Wax can be added with any waxing package for £14/£15 extra. Save £4