Enhance your natural beauty with our amazing eye treatments. 

Patch tests required at least 24-48 hours prior to all henna, tint & lift treatments.


Eyebrow wax/tweeze

Allow 15mins


Eyebrow tint

Allow 15 mins


Eyelash tint

Allow 15mins


Trio Eye Combo Package - save £5

Add Henna for £10 extra

Allow 30-45mins


Henna Brows - Henna tint & Brow wax                                                        

Our new tinting system. Longer lasting natural Vegan tint. Refreshes pigment in semi-permanent make up. No ammonia or Lead. Can be suited to clients who are wanting their brow hair to grow and gain strength in hair structure.

Add Henna to Trio Eye Combo Package for £10 extra.

Aftercare is given within salon after each treatment.





Lash lift & tint
Enhance your natural eye beauty by lifting and fixing your eyelashes into a natural lift/curl - no need for mascara and no damage at all to your natural lashes!! Can last up to 6-8 weeks with little maintenance. Choose to enjoy a relaxing hand massage while developing - Pallas Beauty special. Disposable mascara wand is given to every client to ensure correct maintenance. 


Choice to have an Ear Candle service when lash lift is processing for £20. Helps relieve any blockages in the ear, helps aid migraines and sinus problems and many more! Extremely relaxing!

Or choice to add a Shellac Mini Pedi whilst lash lift is developing for just £25. 

Allow 1hr/15mins 

Aftercare/Homecare are given within salon after each treatment.






Weekend Lashes
Cluster lashes applied to your lashes for a glamorous look - can be natural also.  Lasts up to 5+ days if you follow the recommended aftercare.

Allow 30-45mins


Express Lashes
Individual lashes are applied along the lash line to lengthen and thicken your own natural lash, a more natural look.  These cannot be infilled and last 1-2+ weeks if you follow the recommended aftercare.

Ideal for brides or going abroad.

Allow 45-60mins

Aftercare/Homecare are given within salon after each treatment.