Enhance your natural beauty with our amazing eye treatments. Choose between amazing brands such as Browjam or official Henna Brows.

Patch tests are mandatory at least 48 hours prior to all TVT, Browjam, henna, semi-permanent lashes, tint & lift treatments. All patch tests are clients responsibility. Please contact the salon to get your patch test arranged, failure to do so can result in us not being able to carry out the treatment. Please note, a patch test can't guarantee you wont have a reaction after treatment as it doesn't give the same exposure as a full treatment. It is purely precautionary measure if you have sensitive skin or eyes. 

Eyebrow wax/tweeze

Allow 15mins


Eyebrow tint

Allow 15 mins


Eyelash tint

Allow 15mins


Trio Eye Combo Package

Add Henna for £12 extra

Allow 30-45mins


Save £6

Browjam the works

A more tailored brow treatment rather than a basic wax and tint - This is ideal if you are in need of a complete reshape or wanting to achieve a more fuller brow. Taught by Browjam Academy, a more modern twist on a classic Brow Wax and Tint using all the grooming techniques to ensure clients receive precise results out of their brows. This treatment is designed to help create a potential brow rehab for those clients who have more thin sparse brows and is ideal for clients to have a maintenance appointment 5 weeks after TVT brows.

Using a messy tinting method, we include all the hairs around the brow to try and create more shape and fullness where needed. optional mapping is then carried out to the natural points of the brow to create the perfect brow suited to your face. Suitable for most brows. 

Allow 30-45mins 







Browjam TVT (Brow Lamination)

A more thicker, groomed and fluffy brow treatment. Thickness, Volume, Texture. A version of Brow Lamination taught by Browjam Academy. A treatment that can create a fluffy, sleek brow, it also helps tame stubborn, coarse hairs and helps flatten them out to a more manageable groomed state. We always take into account clients preference. Recommended for clients who have a bit more fuller/thicker hair types. We also have a "Light Brow Lamination" that we can use an option for clients with more finer hair.

A chemical process that breaks down the bonds of the hair form and allows it to be set into a desired shape. This along with Browjam treatment creates the most amazing brow style.

Treatment requires precise, specific maintenance. Therapist will explain after treatment. 

Allow 60min






Henna Brows - Henna Tint & Brow Wax                                                    

Our longer lasting tinting system. Henna is an Organic formula which comes from a plant (The Henna Tree) which can help restore weak & damaged hair.

A Longer lasting natural Vegan tint. It can disguise over sparse brows more unlike regular tint. It refreshes pigment in semi-permanent make up. Contains no ammonia or Lead so can help regain 60% strength in the hair. Can be suited to clients who are wanting their brow hair to grow and gain strength in hair structure. Your shade is to your preference and mapping out is carried out to ensure a bespoke brow is created, suited to your face. The first appointment can be a bit more of a Bold Brow but gradually fades to a natural tint stain. Tint can last around a week on the skin, depending on skin type, unlike regular tint which can last 3/4 days and up to 4-6 weeks on the actual hair. Suitable for any skin/brow type.

Add Henna to Trio Eye Combo Package for £12 extra.

Allow 60mins













Before Henna Brow and regular tinting, AVOID fake tan on brow area! Exfoliate brows prior to appointment.

Aftercare is given within salon after each brow treatment.

Lash Lift & Tint

Enhance your natural eye beauty with our amazing Lash Bomb products by lifting and fixing your eyelashes into a natural lift/curl - no need for mascara and no damage at all to your natural lashes! Can last up to 6-8 weeks with little maintenance. Disposable mascara wand & castor oil is given to every client to ensure correct maintenance. 

Add on

Or choice to add a Shellac Mini Pedi whilst lash lift is developing for just £29 or Normal Polish Mini Pedi for £25.

Allow 1hr/15mins 

Aftercare/Homecare are given within salon after each treatment.






Lash Lift & Tint & Henna Brows Package

Allow 1hr 30mins

£72 save £5

Lash Lift & Tint & Eyebrow Wax & Tint Package

Allow 1hr 15mins


save £5

Lash Lift & Tint & Browjam Package

Allow 1hr 30mins


save £5

Lash Lift & Tint & TVT Brows Package

Allow 1hr 30mins


save £5

Weekend Lashes
Cluster lashes applied to your lashes for a glamorous look - can be natural also. These are an amazing lash trend! Weekend Lashes are less damaging to natural lashes and minimal maintenance is required. Treatment is much quicker than other lash trends also.

Lasts up to 5+ days if you follow the recommended aftercare.

Ideal for a party night, an event or a short holiday.

Allow 30-45mins


Express Lashes
Individual lashes are applied along the lash line to lengthen and thicken your own natural lash, a more natural look.  These cannot be infilled and last 1-2+ weeks if you follow the recommended aftercare.

Ideal for brides, clients wanting more of a natural look or would like to have the same look as Semi Permanent Lashes without the maintenance or clients going abroad.

Allow 45-60mins

Aftercare/Homecare are given within salon after each treatment.


Classic Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

 A natural lash extension service, individual lashes applied to each individual lash. These can last up to 3 weeks with good care and can be infilled. These emphasise length and thickness to your own natural lashes. 


Mini Infills (Ideal for a wee top up but not as much as an infill)

Lash Removal