Nail service aftercare

Getting the best out of your Manicure is up to you!

At Pallas Beauty we recommend these top tips;

  • Use a cuticle oil once or twice a day to ensure nails are hydrated and prevents lifting
  • Wear gloves when washing up & hands are in detergents
  • Always dry hands thoroughly
  • If any nails chip or lift, buff with a file as best as you can to prevent lifting and can secure with a top coat
  • Avoid picking or peeling nails as this can result in damaging nails, the correct removal is recommended with acetone
  • Return for maintenance after 2/3 weeks  
  • Be careful not use your hands as tools e.g. opening tins etc.

If you follow the proper homecare & aftercare we can guarantee no chips after 1 week, anything over this is a bonus but the average manicure should last 2+ weeks depending on nail type.

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