CND Vinylux Gel-like Effect Top Coat

CND Vinylux Gel-like Effect Top Coat

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The New Vinylux™ Weekly polish and Weekly top coat is a system that is uniquely formulated to work perfectly together for the ultimate Gel alternative nail pairing. Requiring no Base Coat which means a faster and easier application time.

Strong, tough, long-wearing and super shiny, the Vinylux “Gel-Like” Effect Top Coat is every nail technician’s latest saviour in nail polish technology. Providing gel-like shine and thickness, the brand-new top coat lasts up to seven days, meaning you can enjoy their gel-effect nail colour, without having to commit to a professional removal, as removal is just with ordinary nail polish remover.

CND™ polish is formulated to last up to four times longer than traditional nail polishes. Dries naturally – giving the polish a flawless finish, and strengthens its resistance to chipping, speedy 8 ½ minute drying time, offering clients the freedom to immediately embrace their day with perfect manicures and pedicures.

Rated the best polish top coat!