Collagen-Infused Hand Repair Glove

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Give you hands some TLC.

Infused with collagen, Shea butter and vitamin E, this effective hand repair gloves are the perfect choice for clients with dry, chapped hands. With an added anti-ageing serum, this fabulous mask from Skin Republic also helps reduce the visible appearance of age spots to ensure youthful, healthy looking hands. This revolutionary hand mask maintains the elasticity and strength of the skin whilst soothing and hydrating to ensure a silky smooth finish. The potent antioxidant vitamin E also helps reduce the damage caused by sun exposure and free radicals and improves the tone and texture of skin for beautiful, youthful looking hands.

This mask should be worn for 15-20 minutes for best results and, as the glove stays dry on the outside, clients can continue with their daily activity with ease.

Contains 2 gloves for one application.