Classic St Tropez Starter Kit

Classic St Tropez Starter Kit

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All the essentials you need to have a nice glowing tan!

St.Tropez’s classic bronzing mousse provides skin with a radiant, golden tan, perfect for special occasions or an everyday glow. This lightweight mousse enables easy, even application and is ultra-hydrating for up to 24 hours and ensures a healthy, long-lasting tan and an even fade. 

St Tropez works with the melanin in your skin therefore providing a nice even natural glow, depending on skin types. No orange tones at all with St Tropez.

This fabulous mousse ensures easy, streak-free application and will cater to every skin tone and type. With a quick-drying, comfortable formulation, the classic mousse is great for any clients requiring a nice classic glow.

With using the Tan Enhancing Polish to buff away dead skin before will enhance your tan and using the Moisturiser on drier areas prior and after your tan will also leave skin feeling soft and smooth after use as well as helping your tan last longer.

Ideal for brides, clients who have never tried tanning products before and would like a natural glow. Leave on over night. Allow 8 hour drying time.


  • Mini Bronzing Mousse
  • Mini Tan Enhancing Moisturiser 
  • Mini Tan Enhancing Polish
  • Velvet Luxe Applicator